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There is no doubt that many lives, businesses and communities have been shattered due to the atmosphere of violent conflicts and insecurity that are preventable.

People come in conflict with the law or engage lightly in crime, not recognizing how heavy the consequences can be. They equally become victims of crime, due to lack of needed knowledge that would help them avoid or thwart crime. Many now see crime as a pathway to wealth even among the leaders.

The rising rate of violent conflicts and insecurity in our society is worrisome. Most individuals, families and governments of the world are victims. Having the needed knowledge and applying the correct principles and therapies makes the difference.

This trend can and must be reversed. It is for this reason that we to empower youth, leaders (you, everyone - professional or non-professional) in order to bring about a peaceful, security friendly responsible and prosperous society.

Note that we are not a church organization, not an evangelism arm of any church and we show God’s love without discrimination. We are an independent private organization.

 We have been committed to it since October 2004.



Ignorance and negligence of the law of process in reaching desirable outcomes in conflicts resolution have led to devastating consequences on individuals, communities and organizations.

For every effect there is a cause. There are root causes for the social unrest, insecurity, violent crimes and terrorism we’re witnessing today.


Our Vision

To build a community of Peace 

Builders, Leaders and Crime 

Prevention Partners equipping 

people to be highly productive 

and responsible leaders 

through Peace Leadership, 

Life skills development and re-



Our Mission

To contribute in resolving conflicts and 

preventing violence that may threaten 

good governance, human development 

and survival.

Promote a culture of responsible 

leadership and application of the law of 

process in decision making process.

Equip Leaders with Peace Leadership 

and other life skills desirable for 

excellence in their lives, families, 

organizations, communities and 

government in other to make our 

society more productive, safer, 

peaceful and prosperous. 

We are Peace and Security Ambassadors committed to conflict resolution, peace building efforts, crime prevention and management.


+234 802 360 3784; +234 706 582 8892

NISSI Safety & Learning Place; Agbede,
Via Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos

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