Our Objectives

ImageOur Objectives


·         To educate, inform and create awareness on the core subjects of conflict resolution, Crime Prevention, Entrepreneurship and responsible leadership.


·         To promote and encourage attitude change among the populace.


·         To promote personal integrity, empathy, humility & industry.

To create such quivering awareness in the people, that it shall become nearly impossible for people to fall for scam, duping and white-collar crimes – exposing the tactics and ornament of crime.
To reprocess our people; for every delinquency we shall plant zeal; where we encounter indolence, we shall encourage self-reliance; each time we come against ignorance, we shall bring knowledge to the rescue.
Promoting and encouraging attitudes and characteristics that creates or permit adaptability to the changing demands placed on the law enforcement community and the development of professional, communication and leadership competencies needed in an ever-changing society.

·         To promote high level of personal integrity, empathy and humility amongst members as they are equipped, motivated and empowered for responsible leadership and commitment to socio-economic development of the society while providing and spiritual support.

Our Values


We value Peace and Security as a prerequisite for true prosperity.

We value people before anything, they are the reason.

We value knowledge as a source of freedom.

We value innovation, which positions us for the changing future.

We value teamwork, which strengthens our ability to deliver our service.

We value godliness, the source of a fulfilled living.

We value respect of the rights of all persons.

We value integrity as a standard in the conduct of all business.

We value industry as a means of restoring human dignity.

We value mentoring as one means of navigating to the top.

We value Spirituality as the beginning of all success.


We are Peace and Security Ambassadors committed to conflict resolution, peace building efforts, crime prevention and management.


+234 802 360 3784; +234 706 582 8892

NISSI Safety & Learning Place; Agbede,
Via Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos

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