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Dear Treasured Leader,

You are welcome to NISSI Foundation for Skill Acquisition and Reorientation. This is an organization committed to promoting Peace, justice, inclusive societies, Crime Prevention /Control and quality education through advocacy, life Skills Development, especially Peace Leadership.

We wish you a warm and pleasant experience with us. We hope to work together for a Peaceful, Secured, Safer and Prosperous World. Together we will make this happen.

Each day, everywhere, we are constantly threatened with violent conflict, insecurity, crime which affects the broad spectrum of the society especially young persons. When these occur, we often look elsewhere for help. We must look inwards. Kofi Annan, in his capacity as Secretary-General of United Nations then advised.

“If our hope of having a better and safer world for all is to become more than wishful thinking, we need volunteers…………..”

Promotion of Peace, Justice, inclusiveness in societies, Conflict and Security Sensitivity is everyone’s business. Everyone can volunteer. Volunteer has the hands, feet, eyes, voices, heart and resources of God to help both ourselves and our society. It is a duty for all, if we must enjoy peace and progressive prosperity.

President Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States has this to say.

 “That knowledge is power has never been truer. Today more than ever, I believe that it is access to the truth that distinguishes successful societies from failed and repressive ones. The denial of human, civil and economic rights to billions of people in the world is a truth, we in the western world prefer not to confront”.

We need to invest in peace, security, justice and qualitative education as the keys to prosperity of the individuals, family, communities and organizations. Until then we are not yet positioned to see the returns of such investment.

“Conscience Based Leadership is the key to Global Peace and Security”

Dr. Goodluck E. Jonathan. (President of Nigeria 2010-2015 at the international summit on Peace, Malaysia 2017)


When leaders obey rules and respect the law of process, think Peace, think Security, think Responsible Leadership at every strata of our society - the family, the government, the communities and the marketplace peaceful and just society. Leadership plays a major role in all of these. It’s could be tough but with conscience-based leadership we can get to the society of our dream.

Yours Peacefully,

Dr. O. Emmanuel Bassey,

President, NISSI Foundation


LSDS prepares children, teenagers and youth with a free monthly class at NISSI Safety & Learning Place, Agbede, Via Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos. However, the mobile version of the school is available for our clients who may desire it at their location.


·         Learning

·         Application

·         Adjustment

·         Mentorship


·         After School Program

·         Holiday Program

·         After Graduation Program

·         Parents Empowerment Program

·         Saturday Classes

·         Work Readiness Program

·         Business Readiness Program

·         Life Skills Development School (School children, Teenagers, Youth)

·         Life Skills University (Individual adults, Families, groups and organizations)


·         Reading Skills

·         Writing Skills

·         Self-Awareness skills

·         Critical Thinking skills

·         Creative Thinking skills

·         Empathy skills

·         Interpersonal relationship skills

·         Public speaking skills

·         Leadership skills

·         Organizational skills

·         Communicational skills

·         Conflict resolution skills

·         Emotional coping skills

·         Problem solving skills

·         Goal setting skills

·         Time Management skills

·         Anger Management skills

·         Decision making skills

·         Employability skills

·         Christian Ministry Skills

·         Bible Studies Skills

·         Other skills.


Donate financially and refer a friend and institution today to raise an army of successful people and in turn make our world more peaceful, secure and prosperous.




You can send your donations, contributions and subscriptions to;

NISSI Foundation for Skill Acquisition & Re-orientation

Sterling Bank

Account Number: 0071085671

CONTACT: Make your booking for individual or group training today. Call +234 802 3603 784; +234 706 5828 892; +234 805 2675 642

NISSI Safety & Learning Place, Via Agric, Agbede, Ikorodu, Lagos.

We are Peace and Security Ambassadors committed to conflict resolution, peace building efforts, crime prevention and management.


+234 802 360 3784; +234 706 582 8892

NISSI Safety & Learning Place; Agbede,
Via Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos

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