Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Treasured friend, we welcome you as you resolve to enroll in any of our courses, facilitate or partner with us one way or the other. We can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. This unique vision can only serve you and the society best by your total commitment and support. Having you as partner means, God has a new pair of eyes to see, new ears to listen, new hands to help with, and new heart to love others with. Congratulations.


  • Workplace Conflict Resolution Summit.
  • Choose Wisely Youth Seminar/Conference.
  • Peace and Family Life Seminar/Conference.
  • Peace Builders & Leaders Seminar/Conference.
  • Builders & Leaders Business Summit/Network
  • Community Safety/Crime Prevention Conference.
  • Child Education, Safeguard and Protection Program
  • Business/Work Readiness Program for Young Graduates.
  • Atmosphere for Peace & Prosperity Leadership Conference
  • National/Regional/State Crime Prevention Stakeholders Summit.
  • Purpose-Driven Retirement & Entrepreneurial Development Seminars
  • Peace Ambassador/Leader; Crime Prevention Partner/Leader Awards
  • Induction, Matriculation, Graduation, Award and Investiture Ceremonies.


“What do we live for if not to make the world less difficult for each other” George Elliot.

We rely on you to help make our society better by helping to raise purpose driven lives. Let us hear from you as you can volunteer in so many areas.


You can refer a friend, organization, and send your donations, contributions and subscriptions to;

NISSI Foundation for Skill Acquisition & Re-orientation

Sterling Bank

Account Number: 0071085671


Our Partners

Partnership and membership is open to everyone, distinguished members of the public, Corporate organizations, faith based institution, foundations, clubs, societies and government agencies, etc. who share in our vision.

Partnership/Membership Type

• Fellow Award: Pre- induction 2 days course after election by the board based on repeated and substantial investments and contributions to the core subjects areas over the years.

• Member: After the approval of an application with a Pre-induction 2 days course.

• Associate: (Graduate/Student Member/Apprentice, etc) same as in Member.

Why Our Partner/Member?

·         Help promote Responsible and Peace Leadership.

·         Help create and maintain peaceful and secured atmosphere.

·         Help secure and safeguard your future and that of others.

·         Help position yourself or others for socio-economic development.

·         As a part of your social or corporate responsibility.

·         As a part of your public relations activity.

As an investment that must yield mutual dividend.

Member's Benefits

·         Become a Crime Prevention Partner.

·         Get Business Development resources.

·         Development of Public Speaking Skills.

·         Become a Peace/Security Ambassador.

·         Be part of Peace Leadership Development.

·         Get continuing Education without stress.

·         Become more conflict & Security Sensitive.

·         Become visionary, responsible and dependable leader.

·         Get the best out of your career and business devoid 0f conflict.

·         Enjoy invitation to participate in program with similar objectives.

·         Enjoy network of valued friends with common interest in every level.

·         Enjoy discount from members/partners services and organizations.

·         Better understanding of the Law Enforcement community & Operations.

·         Contribute your quota to the peace, security and prosperity of our society.

·         Enjoy consultancy services to individuals and corporate members at a reduced rate.

Some Appreciated Partners

·         Nigeria Police Force

·         Nigeria Air Force

·         Nigeria Prison Service

·         Seven Up Bottling Nigeria Plc, Nigeria.

·         DZ Global Safety & Security Ltd, Nigeria.

·         United Nations Police Training School, Kosovo.

·         Nigeria Police Training School, Ikeja, Lagos.

·         Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja.

·         Citizenship & Leadership Training School, Jos, Plateau State.

·         DayStar Leadership Academy, Lagos.

·         Pointman Leadership Institute, USA.

·         United States Institute of Peace, Washington DC.

·         Institute of World Affairs, USA.

·         Toastmasters International, Pristina Club, Kosovo.

·         International Association Of Chiefs Of Police, USA

·         Nigerian Institute of Management, Lagos.

·         Christian Association Of Nigeria, Ikorodu, Lagos.

·         Pentecostal Fellowship Of Nigeria, Agbede Chapter, Lagos.

·         Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos.

·         Fountain Of Life Church, Lagos.

·         Grace Spring Bible College & Seminary.

·         The Apostolic Church, Lagos.

·         Glory-filled Worship Centre, Lagos.

·         Zion City Christian Revival Ministry International, Lagos.

·         Fruitful Family International Bible Church, Lagos.

·         Women After Revival Ministry, Lagos.

·         Churches of Christ, Lagos, Nigeria.

·         Life Crusaders Unlimited, Lagos, Nigeria.

·         Christian Pentecostal Mission – Thessalonica, Greece.

·         The Redeemed Evangelical Mission, Asti, Turin, Italy.

·         Christian Pentecostal Ministry, Turin, Italy.

·         University of Lagos, Yaba.

·         National Open University of Nigeria, Abuja.

·         Nigeria Christian Bible College, Abak, Akwa Ibom State.

·         The Primelight School, Ikorodu, Lagos.

·         Manifestors Schools, Ikorodu, Lagos.

·         Fehintola Schoolmate, Ikorodu, Lagos.

·         Hero’s Might Academy, Ajegunle, Ikorodu, Lagos.

·         Community Development Association, Agbede, Ikorodu, Lagos.

·         Value-Gate Resources Ltd, Nigeria.        

·         Fortune Gold Ltd, Nigeria.

·         Dan-James Services, Nigeria.      

·         Home Manager’s Association Of Nigeria.

·         Pristina Toastmaster’s Club, Kosovo.

·         Macedonia Youth Forum, Skopje, Macedonia.

·         Student’s Forum, Serbia, Serbia & Montenegro.

Success Attitude Development Centre, (Success Digest) Lagos.

We are Peace and Security Ambassadors committed to conflict resolution, peace building efforts, crime prevention and management.


+234 802 360 3784; +234 706 582 8892

NISSI Safety & Learning Place; Agbede,
Via Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos

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