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Peace Building Support (PBS)
This is a conflict resolution and peace promotion project. It involves skillful yet-to-be harnessed conflict resolution, counseling and support program aimed at facilitating peace processes in a conflict situation. Aggrieved parties have the opportunity separately at the first instant to attend the Institute’s workshop, seminar or any other event strategically programmed to arouse their attention with the sole aim of facilitating the process of peacemaking or peacekeeping.
Campus Operation Rescue-Secure (COR)
Choose Wisely Youth/Student Retreat (CWR)
Beyond The Uniform (BTU)
Good Neighbors Family Service (GNFS)
Serve For Safety Tourist Mission (SSTM)
Leader’s Peace & Security Digest

Our Schools:

School of Ethics and Attitudinal Change (SEAC)
This is aimed at equipping lives with appropriate behavior Modification tools. This help individuals delete negatives and positions them for positive change in our organizations and societies.
Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development school (LEDS)
Investment Protection School (IPS)
School for Strategic Crime Preventive Education (SSCPE)
School of Productivity Improvement And Retirement (SPIR)

Apply For Training

Add value to yourself and be a sought after personality. Be a difference-making leader with our innovative training today. Since 2004, as part of the our commitment in developing and equipping individuals to make our society more peaceful, secured and prosperous, several training programs have been designed and facilitated in Nigeria, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Italy, Greece, etc. The duration and venue for our program varies but with consideration to participant’s needs and schedule.

Our training is for leaders and potential leaders. You undertake to train or facilitate the training of at least 50 leaders within one years of your first training program. This forms part of our assessment in our relationship as our members are generally referred to as RESPONSIBLE LEADERS or PEACE LEADERS.

Apart from our in-house training, we partner with accredited high ranking National and international institutions that is recognized by Nigeria’s Ministry of Education and other relevant bodies. Duration varies but flexible with Diploma, Advance Diploma, and Degree Certificate option.

Tuition and Duration

Our on-site course details with materials and certificate are;

 Regular – N10, 000, from 9am – 3pm. Duration is 10 working days,

Weekends; N15, 000, from 9am – 3pm. Duration is 7 Saturdays,

Executive – N55, 000, from 9am – 4pm. Duration is 5 working days. (Plus tea break and lunch).

Teenagers Basic Course (for 13-19 years), N3, 000, from 9am – 4pm. Duration is 5 working days.

Graduate Basic Course (for NYSC members), N5, 000, from 9am – 4pm. Duration is 5 working days.  

Stages of Training

We run two major stages in our training. The training fee as stated above is restricted to our location but may vary at your location considering various variables. Notwithstanding, some of our training program are run as Basic, Intermediate and Advance Certificate only.

ü  Peace Leadership Training

ü  Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

ü  Conflict & Security Sensitivity Training

ü  Negotiation & Investment Protection Training

ü  Crime Prevention & Control Partners Refreshers Course.

ü  Peace Builders and Leaders Investors Refreshers Course.

We run other courses and training on Leadership, Management, Life Skills, Law Enforcement, Security, Peace Education and Conflict Resolutions.

We run short courses on the following training areas:

·         Be The Best Peace and Security Professional – 1-3 days.

·         Executive Threat Sensitivity, Analysis and Protection Program – 1-3 days.

·         Students Threat Sensitivity, Analysis and Protection Program – 1 day.

·         Expatriate Threat Sensitivity, Analysis and Protection – 1 day.

·         Investment Threat Sensitivity, Analysis and Protection – 1 day.

·         Sensitive Crime Reporting Program – 1-3 days.

·         Security Sensitivity Training for Front Desk Officers/ Personal Assistants / Secretaries - 1-3days.

·         Conflict Management Training for Front Desk Officers/ Personal Assistants / Secretaries – 1-3days.

·         Fire Prevention and Management Training – 2-5 days.

·         Event Planning & Management Security Training – 2 days.

·         Defensive Driving Training – 3-5 days

·         Basic Domestic Worker’s Security and Conflict Management Training 3-5 days

·         Threat Sensitivity Analysis and Protection Training for Parents/Care givers – 1 day.

·         Tourist/Foreigner’s Protection Training – 1 day

·         Church Leadership and Anti-Corruption War – 2 days

·         Discipleship/Followership and Crime Prevention – 1-2 days

·         Responsible leadership and Anti-Corruption War – 1-3 day.

·         Maximum Achievements and Anti-Corruption War – 1-3 day.

·         Peace & Security Driven Leadership Training – 1-3 days.

·         Basic Worship Centre Security – 2-5 days

·         Basic Conflict Resolution and Management Training – 5 days.

·         Basic Work Place Peace & Security Course – 3-5 days.

·         Basic Safety and Security Awareness for Leaders – 1-3 days.

Basic Child Security, Safeguards & Investigation - 1-5 days

·         Basic Crime Prevention & Management in Schools and Colleges – 3-5 days.

·         Basic Personal Development and Protection Course – 2-3 days.

·         Basic Entrepreneurial Pursuit, Prosperity and Protection – 3-5 days.

·         Basic Logistic Operations and Security Management Course – 2-3 days.

·         Basic Purchasing & Supply Security Management - 2-3 days.

·         Basic Fraud Prevention & Investigation Course – 2- 5 days.

·         Basic Security & Conflict Management in Nigeria’s Business Environment –5-10 days. 

We are Peace and Security Ambassadors committed to conflict resolution, peace building efforts, crime prevention and management.


+234 802 360 3784; +234 706 582 8892

NISSI Safety & Learning Place; Agbede,
Via Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos

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